September 11, 2023   

Ideal Industries Sells Cree Lighting 

2023 ADLT CLNA Acquires Cree lighting from Ideal industries venture.jpg

Cree Lighting to become an ADLT (Advanced Lighting Technologies) company


IDEAL INDUSTRIES, Inc. has finalized the sale of Cree Lighting to CLNA Holdings, LLC, which is the holding company to the ADLT (Advanced Lighting Technologies) group of lighting companies. ADLT, with over 25 years in the lighting industry has long been involved in producing energy-efficient lighting fixtures and materials.

With the deal involving private companies, the financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. IDEAL INDUSTRIES acquired Cree Lighting from Cree Inc. 4½ years ago in March 2019.  

Cree Lighting’s products include LED lighting fixtures, lamps and intelligent lighting control solutions aimed at commercial, industrial and consumer segments. The outdoor lighting portfolio of Cree Lighting traces much of its roots back to the 2011 acquistion of Ruud Lighting and BetaLED which was acquired by Cree Inc. for the staggering price of $525 million. 

Cree Lighting is not affiliated with components maker Cree LED which is owned by Smart Global Holdings.


Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) views this acquisition as a means to bolster its presence in the North and Latin American commercial and e-commerce lighting markets. Cree Lighting will operate as a separate entity under ADLT's umbrella.

Though daily operations for Cree Lighting are expected to remain largely consistent, the company plans to capitalize on shared expertise to enhance its offerings.


Affiliated Companies under ADLT:

Venture Lighting International:
Venture Lighting specializes in light source technologies, offering a broad spectrum of LED Lighting Solutions and maintaining a global footprint in the lighting sector.

APL Engineered Materials:
This firm is known for supplying high purity and ultra-dry metal halides, amalgams, metals, and other specialized materials. They cater primarily to the lighting, energy, scintillation, and technology industries.

Auer Lighting:
Auer Lighting provides services to a range of sectors, such as General Lighting, Automotive Lighting, Stage Lighting, Digital Projection, and various medical and technical applications. They function as a key supplier for several leading companies in these markets.