September 18, 2023   

Autani and LiteTrace Announce Merger

2023 09 autani litetrace.jpg

Traditional wireless controls come together with lighting analytics


Maryland-based building automation provider Autani and China-based Bluetooth lighting control company LiteTrace have announced a merger aimed at expanding their reach in the smart commercial building technology sector. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The combined effort will merge Autani's building automation platform with LiteTrace's Bluetooth mesh lighting controls. As a result, the new enterprise will strive to provide an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) platform that offers a singular dashboard to manage lighting, HVAC, access and other building systems.


In a company announcement, COO of Autani, Dr. Scott Metker, noted the merger's significance in promoting smart technology solutions, emphasizing the benefits of blending traditional wireless controls with advanced analytics and centralized monitoring. Fred Tai, CEO of LiteTrace, highlighted the opportunity to introduce their lighting controls to a broader global market while also emphasizing holistic building optimization.

In addition to advanced analytics and automation capabilities that target enhanced building efficiency and reduced energy consumption, Autani’s technical support will augment LiteTrace’s post-sale services in North America.

Customers are promised a smooth transition and improved support as the companies start their integration process.


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