March 27, 2023   

Current™ TEAMs Up with EGI in Charlotte

2023 current lighting teams up with EGI associates david locke bagby hubbell hli.jpg

EGI Associates to join the statewide agent partnership of TEAM Lighting


TEAM Lighting, a collection of manufacturer's representative agencies across North Carolina, has announced the addition of EGI Associates in Charlotte. Effective April 1, 2023, EGI will be joining the TEAM Lighting affiliates to represent manufacturers in the Charlotte and western North Carolina territory, with the addition of Current™ HLI Brands to the line card on May 1, 2023. This new entity will be referred to as TEAM Charlotte.

TEAM Lighting has long been a statewide lighting agent partnership with individually owned offices in four North Carolina markets; Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham and Greenville, North Carolina. Last month, the company currently doing business as TEAM Charlotte, led by Sean Donnelly, announced that it was breaking from the TEAM Lighting pack to represent Acuity Brands in the Charlotte/Asheville territory. Donnelly will be announcing a new agency (DBA) name on Thursday, March 30.

With Current™ HLI brands being a recent free agent searching for a new partner, this move brings clarity to how the big brands will align in the Queen City moving forward.


David Locke, owner and operator of EGI Associates, brings decades of agency and manufacturer business experience to the TEAM Charlotte entity. With a full staff and office ready to begin representing TEAM Lighting's manufacturers, EGI's expertise in the agency business will seek to be a valuable asset to the North Carolina TEAM Lighting companies and its new partner, Current™. 

For many years, EGI was the representative for Signify’s global brands and Genlyte Solutions portfolio in Western North Carolina. That partnership ended on February 13, 2022 when Southeast U.S. lighting agent juggernaut, SESCO Lighting, expanded its Signify partnership into the North Carolina market. EGI currently represents 85 brands including Amerlux, Beta Calco and U.S. Architectural/Sun Valley.

The TEAM Lighting companies are highly confident in EGI and its staff's ability to partner across the region, stating that they "will do an outstanding job as the newest member of the TEAM Lighting family."

Under the banner of Affiliated Lighting + Controls, EGI last year partnered with other Carolina agents, Coresential and Quality Lighting Solutions. EGI’s move to TEAM Lighting seemingly breaks that affiliation.

Longtime Acuity Brands agent, S.L. Bagby, is winding down its Charlotte agency over the next sixty days which will cause over sixty of their lighting brands to establish new agency partnerships in the Charlotte market.

The updated roster of TEAM Lighting executives is as follows:

  • David Locke: President, TEAM Lighting Charlotte, NC
  • Rudy Barber: President, TEAM Lighting Durham, NC
  • Terry Ramos: President, TEAM Lighting Greenville, NC
  • Chris Trent: President, TEAM Lighting Greensboro, NC
  • Rob Taylor: Vice President, TEAM Lighting Durham, NC
  • Elizabeth Ramos: Vice President, TEAM Lighting Greenville, NC