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Utah Company Sues Three Lamp Makers


Individual lawsuits against LEDVANCE, Feit and GE Lighting make patent infringement claims.


On October 15, 2002, Densen Cao of Sandy, UT was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a “Semiconductor light source using a heat sink with a plurality of panels.”

In 2011, Cao Group filed a patent infringement lawsuit against GE Lighting in a Utah court.  

After many years of litigation and involvement of many parties, the District of Utah dismissed the Utah Action for lack of subject matter jurisdiction on April 23, 2020. 

On May 12, 2020, the District of Utah clarified and amended its order and judgment that the dismissal of the Utah Action was without prejudice.

Over the subsequent weeks, Cao has issued new lawsuits against 3 lamp makers for alleged patent infringement:  GE Lighting, LEDVANCE and Feit Electric.

Cao Group is a company based in West Jordan, UT and seems to operate a business that is primarily focused on providing goods and services for the dental profession.

Our phone calls to the contact phone number on the Cao Lighting website were not answered.  Our email to the customercare@caolighting.com cited on contact page of the Cao Lighting website was returned as undeliverable.



Since all three of the lawsuits have been filed within the last 30 days, the Defendant answers to the complaints have not yet been filed.

Cao Group 2002 Patent

Issued October 15, 2002


Cao Lighting vs. GE Lighting

Filed May 20, 2020



Filed May 22, 2020


Cao Lighting vs. Feit Electric

Filed June 3, 2020

2020 06 cao lamp.png

Please remember: 

As you likely would do with any similar situation, do not to jump to conclusions on any legal conflict until you know all the facts.  Just because a party is accused of wrongdoing does not mean the party committed wrongdoing.


  • IP litigation can sometimes be prolonged and contentious, ending in a jury trial.
  • IP litigation can often be a leverage play by the plaintiff to drive towards some sort of negotiated arrangement or settlement between the two parties that never goes to trial -- settled in mere months.



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June 5, 2020