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UPDATE:  NYC Subway UV Disinfection Program

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On May 19, the Metropolitan Transit Authority implemented a pilot program to disinfect subway trains with virus-deactivating UV light.

Recently, the local Fox television affiliate explored how the program is progressing.  Apparently the pilot program was disinfecting only one car on the 11-car trains.  As the program expands, the MTA is now disinfecting all 11 cars.

With staging of trains and setup of UV equipment, these procedures are very time-consuming.  And the portable UV devices are quite expensive (tens of thousands of dollars.)  With MTA bus and train ridership way down from 2019 levels and variable operating costs per passenger increasing, it will be interesting to see how these procedures are consistently implemented over time.  Public health measures and rider confidence are moving in the right direction.  It remains to be seen how the financial impacts will 

Here are the details of the recent report:





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June 16, 2020