Watch these UV Fixtures Disinfect Subways

New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority is rolling out a pilot program that utilizes UV-C light fixtures to help disinfect trains and buses.


Working in conjunction with the Columbia University Center for Radiological Research, the MTA has rolled out a pilot program that calls for portable UV-C light fixtures that could inactivate traces of the COVID-19 virus on trains and buses.  The first wave of 230 portable fixtures will be utilized on unoccupied trains and buses overnight while they are parked in train yards and bus depots.

The MTA will monitor results and plans to implement a second phase that will roll out UV disinfection to LIRR trains, servicing Long Island, and to Metro-North Railroad trains which service Westchester and Fairfireld Counties among others. 


UV fixture set up and implementation:



A news report on the MTA's pilot program:



And a quick comment from Puro Lighting:


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May 21, 2020