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LSI Lighting: Another Leadership Change

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The recently-appointed head of LSI's lighting business is out:  the latest move in a string of leadership changes atop LSI's lighting division.

inside.lighting has learned that Jeff Davis, President of LSI Lighting, is departing the company.   Davis is the fourth person to lead LSI's lighting business during the last 3 years.


Below is a summary of LSI Industries' leadership changes of the Lighting business segment.  The division presidents reported to LSI Industries CEO Dennis Wells (2014 - 2018) and CEO James Clark (2018 - present).


August 2014

Shawn Toney, formerly Executive Vice President, is appointed President of the LSI lighting division.


February 2017

LSI Industries acquires Atlas Lighting


August 2017

Shawn Toney resigns LSI Industries.


October 2017

Ron Newbold is named President of the LSI lighting segment. 


August 2018

LSI statement: "We are eliminating the positions of President of LSI Lighting, President of Atlas Lighting and President of LSI Graphics, as well as the separate organizations aligned around the products each business produced and sold.   The Company is now organizing as one LSI organization, focused on serving key customer markets with its full package of capabilities."


September 2018

Jeff Croskey is appointed Chief Commercial Officer.  Lighting reports to Croskey.


April 2019

Croskey leaves LSI and becomes CEO of Architectural Lighting Works (ALW).


February 2020

LSI Industries announced that Jeff Davis has joined the company as President, LSI Lighting.


June 2020

Jeff Davis departs LSI Industries.



LSI Industries (NASDAQ: LYTS) 5-year stock performance

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June 16, 2020