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Solais, of Solais Lighting Group, introduces the Lucie™ family of track and surface-mount fixtures. Featuring unparalleled performance and a contemporary, ventless design, Lucie declutters your ceiling – allowing the focus to remain on what matters in your space.  

“When we began design of the Lucie family, our engineering team worked closely with clients to gather their wants and needs,”  says Solais Chief Technology Officer Daniel Miller. “Lucie is the culmination of years of development, uniting this market  research with our innovative technology-driven design,  resulting in a best-in-class product family.” 

The Lucie family consists of three sizes: Nano with a 2" aperture and 3" body, Small with a 2.5" aperture and 4" body, and Medium with a 3" aperture and 5" body. The proprietary internal power supply provides flicker-free operation across the entire dimming range down to 1%. This allows designers to tune their lighting without worry of flicker or degradation of light quality.  

Customized TIR optics range from 9° to 60° beam spread, with an output range of 600 to 2600 delivered lumens. A variety of color temperatures (from 2200K to 5000K) and color rendering options (80, 90, 97+, MonoWhite™) are available, including a dim-to-warm (2700K to 1800K) option. Additionally, exceptional fixture-to-fixture color consistency is standard, with two-step MacAdam Ellipse LED binning. From an accessory standpoint, Lucie offers an innovative 1" snoot and accepts up to two additional media, such as a honeycomb louver or spread lens. 


About Solais Lighting Group | Solais + EnergyLite 
Solais Lighting Group (SLG) is a fast-growing, technologically relevant, market-driven manufacturer. We push the innovation envelope to create LED products that replace traditional lighting technologies, with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance. 

SLG’s products provide quality lighting for its retail, hospitality, supermarket, museum, commercial and utility clients, which include the world’s leading brands. 

For additional information on Solais Lighting Group’s Solais and EnergyLite brands, visit us at 

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July 24, 2020