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PR1ME-FX Recognized as a Unique and Significant Advancement to the Art and Science of Lighting

IRVINE, CA, Aug 23, 2017 – Tempo Industries, LLC (“Tempo”), an award-winning manufacturer of configurable linear LED lighting for the architectural, theatre and industrial markets, is pleased to announce that its newest linear solution, pr1meFX, was acknowledged by the 2017 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report Committee as a “unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting”.
Indirect lighting systems are not typically used to provide the first level of general illumination to a space, but pr1mFX is designed to change that approach. This slim, high-performance luminaire system is so powerful and unique that it can deliver over 85% of the light out of a cove to provide high quality illumination. The system is designed to direct the light out of the cove and across the ceiling to provide 25 to 40 foot-candles at the working plane. If a high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) paint is used on the ceiling, the effect can be enhanced even more.

Unlike traditional indirect lighting, this intuitive and easy-to-install advanced luminaire system mounts on the wall, in line with the top edge of the cove, and requires no in-field aiming. The system comes complete with one-inch spacers every 12 inches that can be easily removed to allow the luminaire to adapt to any in-field cove length. Additionally, it is suitable for new construction coves or ideal for retrofitting existing coves.

pr1meFX delivers glare and shadow free light from a system that is optimized to provide ideal indirect illumination. It is designed to substantially reduce infrastructure and construction costs by 50% or more by removing the need for wire runs and installing down lights in the ceiling. The result of using pr1meFX is an architecturally quiet ceiling that is completely free of visual clutter and uncomfortable glare.
“We believe that pr1meFX is an innovative, game-changing product that will benefit the architectural lighting industry. Its selection by the IES Progress Report Committee confirms this,” stated Terrence Walsh, CEO & President at Tempo.

About Tempo
Tempo designs, develops and manufactures award-winning configurable LED linear lighting solutions. Its broad portfolio of specification-grade lighting products provides architects, lighting designers, engineers and owners the ability to customize lighting solutions to meet the most challenging project and budget requirements. Tempo is a pioneer and leader in the solid-state LED lighting industry and the leading manufacturer of safety lighting systems for the theater market. Founded in 1986, the company manufactures their innovative products in Irvine, California. For more information, visit www.tempollc.com.

August 23, 2017