Powerline Communication Company Seeks Lighting Manufacturer Partner

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MAMARONEK, NY -- Powerline Communicated Load Control (PCLC), announced today that it is seeking a lighting manufacturer partner to implement its patented powerline communication technology to create a lowest-cost and very simple dimming solution, over existing powerlines.  

In this over-complicated age of wireless controls, connectivity, IoT, data collection, analytics, cyber-security risks, and end user confusion, Powerline Communicated Load Control (PCLC) offers a least-expensive, easy to install, easy to use, lighting control alternative.  PCLC is controlled by a wall dimmer, without running any control wires, and without the drawbacks of wireless controls.  PCLC simply controls the lights using the existing powerline.


PCLC technology:

  • offers intuitive, reliable and affordable lighting control.
  • creates simple, dimmable TLEDs and fixtures without running any control wires (works over 2-wire powerline).
  • has no wireless protocols
  • has no commissioning
  • eliminates downloading and learning apps
  • eliminates software hacking
  • can control as many fixtures as are on the circuit
  • enables zoning
  • can retrofit existing fixtures to powerline dimming, and create new PCLC fixtures.
  • can be sold and easily installed by any electrician
  • is available for licensing, by a manufacturer partner


PCLC, while ideal for lighting control is also capable of controlling most other power loads within buildings, including HVAC, water heating, major appliances, etc.  Lighting manufacturers interested in offering an alternative to conventional wired and wireless lighting controls can contact PCLC to explore the potential for partnership. For more information about partnering with PCLC lighting control technology, email david@lightingsold.com or visit www.pclcllc.com .


About Powerline Communicated Load Control

Powerline Communicated Load Control (PCLC) patented technology delivers the best of wired and wireless controls, while avoiding control wires, wireless protocols, cybersecurity risks, costly commissioning, and mobile apps.  PCLC is led by a team of lighting industry thought leaders:  Chris Brown, Willard Warren, Jim Benya, and Joel Snook.


Media contact:         

David Shiller, Marketing Consultant



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July 15, 2020