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Novel Fixture Purchase Program Reduces OEM's Assembly Time, Labor & Inventory Costs

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Fairfield, NJ   |   July 21, 2020:  Today, Overdrive announced the launch of a new way for OEMs to purchase, assemble, and stock LED fixtures.  The Engineless Fixture + MPLR Program provides OEMs a way to reduce assembly time, labor costs, and inventory costs.  Under the new program, OEM’s can purchase engineless fixtures, both indoor and outdoor, as well as Overdrive’s groundbreaking Multi-Purpose LED Retrofit light engines (MPLR). 

Each engineless fixture comes with a pan / housing that is pre-drilled to quickly accept an MPLR of various wattages:  11W, 16W, 19W, and 25W.  Each MPLR wattage is also offered in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K CCTs.  This enables an OEM to bring in one unit of engineless fixture and ship it out as a complete fixture with any one of 12 wattage+CCT options.  This manufacturing flexibility and versatility can dramatically reduce inventory costs for fixture manufacturers. 

The MPLR’s unique and patented mounting options shorten assembly time for fixture manufacturers, reducing labor costs.  The MPLRs are offered with magnetic screws, spring screws, or a center rod mount for fast and easy mechanical assembly.  The MPLR comes pre-wired and has advanced, dimmable, driver on board (DOB), A/C design.

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One of the first customers for the Fixtures + MPLR engine program has been making light fixtures for over 30 years.  The president of the OEM stated "The transition to LED has forced OEM's to seek strategic partners to assist them in bringing value to the market in the face of tough, price minded, competition".   He went on to say, "The fixture + MPLR program offers a unique combination of quality, versatility, price competitiveness, and inventory efficiency.  We plan to expand our program with Overdrive.”

According to Rajeev Perti, Vice President at Overdrive, “The MPLR is the most versatile and cost-effective LED engine in the lighting industry.  We’re excited to share our new emergency power versions and microwave sensor MPLRs, soon.”  Perti added, “MPLRs are perfect for flush mounts, ceiling fans, sconces, floor lamps and more.”  For more information about Overdrive LED products, email info@overdrive-lighting.com or visit www.thelightengine.com.



About Overdrive

Overdrive is a leader in LED lighting solutions, and operates from its office and warehouse, located in Fairfield, New Jersey.  The team has over 25 years of experience dedicated to energy efficient lighting and supply chain management.  Overdrive has an in-house, fully-equipped R&D and integrated manufacturing facility.  Overdrive’s commitment is to offer the most efficient and innovative range of LED lighting solutions, while exceeding the customers’ expectations.  Overdrive manufactures affordable, environmentally-friendly, and RoHS-compliant LED solutions, and delivers exceptional customer service.  More information is available at www.overdrive-lighting.com.


Media contact:
David Shiller, Marketing Consultant


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