Business for Sale

Let us help you find investors and potential buyers of your lighting business.


We never intended to offer this as a service, and then a manufacturer asked us to list his businesss for sale.  We warned him that we were uncertain about how many qualified leads he might be able to get, but he was determined to try.

The response was excellent.  A high number of qualified investors responded within 48 hours.  We pulled the ad before the 30-day mark, because he was already working with two attractive finalists.

If you are seeking to get connected with potential buyers for your business, let us help you.  We are a listing service.  We don't need to know intimate details of your business and we only take a listing fee.  

We realize that these types of matters can be highly confidential.  We will guard your identity and sign any resonable NDAs that you request.

We can customize the listing based on your needs and desires.


EXAMPLE 1:   CONFIDENTIAL Business for Sale