These Brands Are Driving Progress

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Each year, the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Committee evaluates developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world and prepares a yearly report of achievements.  The 2020 Progress Report was published in LD+A this week and it highlights 82 submissions that are considered to be advancing the industry in many areas.

The entire 2020 IES Progress Report can be viewed here » 

Below we highlight the brands that earned multiple instances of Progress Report recognition in various product categories.  A long list of other brands and organizations are recognized in the full report.


Cooper Lighting Solutions - 6 products
HALO LCR Luminaires - Downlights
HALO RA Direct Mount series  Luminaires - Downlights
iO Covio Cove Luminaires
Ephesus Lighting Lumadapt 8  Luminaires
Ephesus Lighting Lumasport 8/16 Luminaires
Trellix Locate Lighting Systems
Signify - 5 products
Philips True Force Type B high bay LED Replacement Lamps
Color Kinetics Graze Compact Linear
TunnelView Roadway
Bodine BSL06M5 LED emergency driver  Power Supplies And Drivers
Xitanium Duravolt Power Supplies And Drivers
RAB Lighting - 5 products
Field Adjustable Edge-Lit Wafer  Luminaires - Downlights
Field Adjustable Performance Downlight series  Luminaires - Downlights
Swish Edge Troffers
Swish FA  Troffers
Lightcloud Phase Dimmer Controls - Wireless
Green Creative - 4 products
20,000 lumen LED retrofit lamp LED Replacement Lamps
Refine series of LED PAR 30 and PAR 38 lamps LED Replacement Lamps
PS-30 shaped LED retrofit lamp LED Replacement Lamps
INNOFIT Luminaires - Downlights
Acuity Brands - 4 products
Mark Architectural Lighting SLOT 1 Linear
A-light Aloft series  Linear
Gotham EVO cylinder Suspended Luminaires
Eureka Outline Suspended Luminaires
Osram - 4 products
Traxon Technologies Media Wall Paper Media/Sign Luminaires
Traxon Technologies  Pro Point Kontour Outdoor Accent Luminaires
OPTOTRONIC Programmable High Wattage Compact LED Driver Power Supplies And Drivers
OPTOTRONIC Programmable Outdoor LED Driver with Dexal Technology Power Supplies And Drivers
ETC - 3 products
ArcSystem Navis 100  Suspended Luminaires
F-Drive Power Supplies And Drivers
Master Phase Loss Detector 2 Life Safety
Aleddra - 3 products
ViraPure Troffer Pro Plus Generation 2 Troffers
Overbed light  Medical Luminaires
Gen4 Self-Diagnosis Emergency T8 Lamp Life Safety
Sistemalux - 2 products
Blade R Luminaires - Downlights
Palco LV framing projector Track
Bridgelux - 2 products
Vesta Flex Power Supplies And Drivers
Generation 8 V Series  LED Chips And Modules
Hubbell Lighting - 2 products
SpectraSAFE™ Accessories
Kim Lighting PGL 8 Garage Luminaires



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November  13, 2020

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