Aron Lighting Sues Competitor


Company accuses founder and former partner of providing competitor with proprietary information

Aron Lighting is accusing OPUS of patent infringement.   U.S. Patent No. 10,808,896 entitled “T-Bar Lighting Assembly” was issued to Aron Lighting in 2020, and the company believes that the OPUS Minuet Double fixture is infringing upon its intellectual property rights.



In the complaint, the Plaintiff states that "OPUS learned of ARON’s invention from a founder of ARON and former partner in Aron named Terence Yeo. Yeo is also a co-inventor on the ’896 patent. On information and belief, Yeo provided OPUS with the schematics and specifications for ARON’s product covered by the ’896 patent, and OPUS copied those plans to create one or more infringing, competitive products..."

Terence Yeo is the CEO & Founder of Fusion Optix.  A spokesperson from OPUS told us "We believe we do not infringe and this is a baseless suit.  We will protect our rights."  Aron Lighting declined the opportunity to provide us with a comment.


Read the Complaint


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January 4, 2020

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