June 12, 2024   

Counterfeit Goods Uncovered at Light + Building 2024 Raid

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Coordination between one manufacturer and German customs results in raids on two exhibitors' booths


At Inside Lighting, while delving into a recent court case in Germany, we encountered a compelling narrative involving LEDiL, a Finland-based leader in optical solutions for LED lighting. LEDiL is no stranger to defending its intellectual property on the global stage, occasionally engaging in court battles to protect its patents. Our source, Arc magazine, recently reported on LEDiL's legal court victory over Darkoo, a Chinese company, highlighting LEDiL’s dedication to safeguarding its designs from infringement.

Arc’s coverage of the German court case also brought to light an intriguing separate event that unfolded three months ago at the Light + Building 2024 trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. It is at this event where our story shifts focus. According to LEDiL, the company’s efforts to combat counterfeit products took a dramatic turn that involved coordination with the German government and a raid on exhibition booths at the world's largest lighting trade show in March 2024.


Counterfeit Crackdown at Light + Building Exhibitors' Booths

According to an April 29 statement by LEDiL, During the Light + Building 2024 exhibition in Frankfurt, LEDiL, in partnership with German customs authorities, conducted a joint operation resulting in the raid of two exhibition booths displaying counterfeit products. LEDiL claims that these products infringed on their patented technologies and designs.

The trade show, which attracts industry leaders and innovators from around the globe, became the stage for LEDiL’s proactive stance against counterfeit products. The company alleges that several products were identified in each booth and removed during the raid, preventing these infringing items from misleading potential customers about their origin and quality. This practice, according to LEDiL, not only deceives customers but also undermines the integrity of the lighting industry.


Enforcing its Patents

LEDiL’s mission to emphasize the importance of choosing innovation over imitation and enforcing IPR was highlighted by this incident. The company's proactive approach includes a comprehensive strategy involving IP filings, patent enforcement, and collaboration with authorities to invalidate patents and designs, remove copies from e-commerce platforms, and stop trademark hijacks.

“Protecting our IPR is crucial not only for our business but for maintaining the trust of our customers and the integrity of the market,” said Mika Simonen, CSCO of LEDiL. “We are grateful for the swift action of the German customs authorities and their cooperation in upholding intellectual property rights during such a key industry event. Following the findings, we will proceed with additional legal actions, including the pursuit of criminal charges against the infringers in Germany.”


The raid at Light + Building 2024 highlights the ongoing intellectural propoerty conflicts that permeate the global lighting industry in both the components and finished goods sectors.