More Mainstream UV-C Confusion

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As building owners and occupants search for healthy building strategies, more confusing and conflicting information relating to UV-C hits the mainstream.


CES is one of the largest trade shows in the world.  In non-pandemic years 175,000 consumer electronics enthusiasts descend upon Las Vegas to see the newest products and trends.  Many of the CES participants include smart home, smart building and LED companies.

While many lighting professionals may not give a hoot about consumer products, some realize that consumer sentiments can shape demand for professional lighting products.  If the world is clamoring for UV-C products, that will drive demand.  If end users and occupants are confused or scared by UV-C products, that can stifle demand.

At this year’s virtual trade show, Targus is a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree for its UV-C LED Disinfection Light.  Forbes has written about the product and cast doubt on its effectiveness.  The publication points out that Targus’ initial claims about the product have been walked back and reformed into claims with more wiggle room.  Forbes goes on to point out potential deficiencies in UV-C surface disinfection applications.  See the full article in the link below.



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January 12, 2020

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