5 Big Questions:  Starving For Darkness

We catch up with Jane Slade, LD+A contributor & Co-Host of the "Starving for Darkness" Podcast, to learn more about some important environmental lighting issues.


Topics we explore:

  1. Why are dark sky and responsible environmental lighting initiatives important?  (1:01)

  2. What actions should organizations and government take to further support these types of initiatives?   (3:44)

  3. What is the correlation between Lighting and Crime & Safety?   (6:20)

  4. What needs to happen to shift the paradigms that more exterior lighting is better in certain commercial environments?   (9:05)

  5. What practices should be better embraced by specifiers and others who make lighting recommendations for outdoor spaces?   (10:55)


MORE INFO:  Starving for Darkness PODCAST »


MORE INFO:  Starving for Darkness »



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February 17, 2021

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