5 Big Questions:  Next Century Lighting

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As H.E. Williams, Inc. turns the page on 100 years, we catch up with Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Jenny Brust, to learn what the future holds for this important lighting brand.


Topics we explore:

  1. How does a company leverage its 100-year heritage into achieving success in 2021 & beyond?  (0:45)

  2. Williams is often represented by lighting agents that also represent one of the large conglomerate lighting brands.  So how does a brand best differentiate itself to capture the mindshare of the agents and specifiers? (2:29)

  3. Strategies that manufacturers can implement to adjust to current business challenges. (4:45)

  4. How manufacturers can adapt their outside sales strategy during and after pandemic times. (7:39)

  5. What advice Jenny would give to younger women in the lighting industry who may sometimes feel that it's challenging to advance to management roles.  (9:20)



MORE INFO:  Williams website »




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January 13, 2021

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