5 Big Questions:  Designing Healthy Buildings

We catch up with Glenn Heinmiller, Principal of Lam Partners and Advisor to the International WELL Building Institute, to discuss lighting design for healthy buildings.


Topics we explore:

  1. What is the "WELL Building Standard" and why is it important?  (0:47)

  2. How does lighting play a role in WELL Buildings?  (2:10)

  3. How are building owners embracing the WELL Building standard for new projects?  (3:10)

  4. What needs to happen for there to be more widespread adoption of these types of initiatives?  (4:27)

  5. What types of emerging WELL Building practices and technologies should we get excited about?  (7:10)


MORE INFO:  Lam Partners »


MORE INFO:  WELL Building Standard for LIGHTING »



IALD Webinar on the WELL Building Standard:   October 2020


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February 24, 2021

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