5 Big Questions:  Acuity Brands

We catch up with Sarah Golish, Acuity Brands' newly-appointed Senior VP of Digital Lighting Networks, to discuss Acuity Brands' business and the lighting controls market.


Topics we explore:

  1. It's been about a year since Neil Ashe has taken over as Acuity Brands CEO – bringing his Global e-Commerce background with him.  What types of mindset shifts and/or culture changes have occurred under Neil's leadership?  (0:40)

  2. What has Acuity Brands done in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives?  (3:25)

  3. What Marketing pivots did Acuity Brands make during the pandemic – and what might be the lasting changes that may impact the way Acuity communicates with customers moving forward?   (5:40)

  4. Acuity Brands offers an array of scalable Digital Lighting solutions from (1) one-room standalone control to (2) smart buildings to (3) smart cities.  Which one has the most growth potential?   (8:28)

  5. How will the lighting controls market evolve and what will we see from Acuity Brands to address it?   (10:22)



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March 16, 2021

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