2021 Lighting Industry Crystal Ball

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Three lighting guys discuss what may or may not happen in the 2021 lighting industry.  Predictions include tangential topics of mullets, CFL wallpacks and Interstate 44 -- and some are likely to be off-target.


Al Uszynski of inside.lighting sits down with Michael Colligan & Greg Ehrich from the Get A Grip on Lighting podcast to discuss what may or may not happen in the year ahead:


2:06  Hockey Haircuts and MySpace

8:46  11.5 Predictions for 2021

10:00  Dark sky initiatives & CFL wall packs

17:33  Dynamic color tuning in workspace environments

21:33  Slow market recovery for the lighting industry

25:45  More structure and adoption relating to Human Centric Lighting

29:35  Diversity in the lighting industry

35:10  The year ahead for UV-C adoption

43:05  Collaboration, training, education and communication.  Oklahoma, I-44 and Northern New England.

50:06  Lighting Trade Shows in 2021...will they happen?  Michael's ground-breaking ideas for labeling people as vaccinated.

56:10  Acquisitions

57:15  DLC:  Systems-based approaches and energy-driven business

59:49  Alternate sales channels & adjacent product offerings from lighting manufacturers


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Episode #169:   It Might…It Might Not


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January 11, 2020

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