November 17, 2021   

5 Big Questions:  Kevin Poyck from Signify

We catch up with Kevin Poyck, President & CEO of Signify Americas, to discuss supply chain, markets and emerging product categories.


Topics we explore:

  1. What proactive pivots is Signify making to help offset the litany of challenges and limit supply chain exposure to customers? (0:59)

  2. How is the recently-acquired Telensa smart city platform being integrated into Signify in North America? (2:45)

  3. What has Signify seen as demand for UV-C products and what will the demand be in the coming 2-5 years as we (hopefully) put Covid mostly behind us? (3:52)

  4. Signify has been among the leaders in providing and promoting 3D-Printed luminaires. What are the factors impeding 3D-Printed commercial fixture adoption and what will it take to see it catch on? (5:35)

  5. In the U.S., how does Signify juggle having multiple agents in one market representing your company’s products?  (i.e. in Atlanta SESCO Lighting, LAI, Ardd & Winter and FRM each sell Signify products.)  (7:14)

  6. BONUS QUESTION:  Are there any Signify acquisitions you'd like to announce to the lighting industry right now?  (8:55)


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