5 Big Questions: Lighting Market Transformation

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We catch up with Mark Lien of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America to discuss his recent LD+A article, Lighting Market Transformation:  A Top Ten List (plus a pandemic), and other enlightening topics.


Topics we explore:

  1. In a recent LD+A article that speculated how the lighting industry might be transformed in the future, you cited "New Competition" as one of the ways the lighting industry may be impacted.  Tell us more about that...
  2. In that same article, you also stated that established lighting companies will struggle for relevance.  Could you please expand upon that?
  3. The IES and the International Ultraviolet Association are partnering to create standards to ensure safe and effective use of UV-C light.  What needs to happen for those standards to be widely adopted, followed and enforced? 
  4. In FY-ending 2019, the IES reported that revenues from Lightfair were $3.3M - the single largest contributor (38%) to the IES' $8.6M in total revenue.  With Lightfair 2020 converted to a virtual conference and continued uncertainty ahead, how is the organization surviving during these pandemic challenges?
  5. If there was one piece of legislation that you could write and push through US Congress that would help the lighting industry and/or those impacted by our industry, what would it be?


More information: LD+A Magazine or www.ies.org




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November 4, 2020

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