5 Big Questions for a Lighting Startup

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During the last 10 years, Joe Casper and Ephesus Lighting were often credited for accelerating LED adoption in the sports lighting segment.


In 2015 Ephesus Lighting was sold to what is now Cooper Lighting Solutions.


Days after his non-compete clause expired, Joe started up another sports lighting business, M3 Innovations, in hopes of creating further innovations and disruptions in the sports lighting segment.


Topics we explore:

  1. After successfully selling his first company, what drives Casper to hit the reset button and start another company?
  2. How will the company's sports lighting products address pandemic-related concerns?
  3. Winning large stadium projects without caving into every request for free (or almost free) products.
  4. What will the parks & recreation business sector look like in 1-3 years?
  5. How do the better agents win parks & rec business?





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September 16, 2020