5 Big Questions: Connecting with Specifiers

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We take a small step outside of the Lighting realm and into the more general Architectural Products realm. 
Epiphany Studio is a marketing agency for Architectural Product companies -- helping them create brands that specifiers are willing to fight for.
We catch up with Susan Milne, Principal of Epiphany Studio, to discuss strategies that architectural product sales and marketing people can employ to effectively connect with specifiers.


Topics we explore:

  1. MARKETING:  How has the pandemic changed the way architectural brands reach specifiers?
  2. Going to where the specifiers are.   (2:45)
  3. Engagement with specifiers, based on their preferences and personality types.  (4:12)
  4. SALES:  Creative ways that specification salespeople are reaching customers.  (6:15)
  5. Construction sectors that currently have promise and potential.  (7:50)


More information about Epiphany Studio:  www.epiphany-studio.com




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October 13, 2020