5 Big Questions: Circadian Lighting

2020 10 robert soler bios.jpg

We catch up with Robert Soler, Co-Founder of Bios Lighting, to discuss the science and business of circadian lighting.


Topics we explore:

  1. The most important elements of circadian lighting.  (0:58)
  2. If circadian lighting is science-based, why are there such vastly different approaches to circadian-focused lighting solutions in the market.  (4:10)
  3. Long-term strategy of Bios Lighting:  OEM, as an "ingredient" in other manufacturers' fixtures ... or finished goods ... or both? (5:57)
  4. Bios Lighting's decisive stance on getting involved with UV-C technology.  (10:14)
  5. The vision for how human-centric lighting will play a part in the buildings and homes of the future.  (14:08)


More information about Bios Lighting:  www.bioslighting.com




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October 27, 2020