5 Big Questions: Chelsea Lighting

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Since the early 90's Chelsea Lighting has been a major player in NYC commercial lighting market.  Last month, a private equity firm purchased the specialty distributor and announced plans to expand its services.  
We catch up with Tom Ike, CEO of Chelsea Lighting, to discuss complex lighting projects, adding value to the project management process and growing the business outside of NYC.


Topics we explore:

  1. How Chelsea Lighting's business model is different from the more common electrical and lighting distributor business models.  (starts at 1:10)
  2. What are Chelsea Lighting’s plans to get involved in additional U.S. markets?  (starts at 2:30)
  3. What separates the lighting distributors who can truly manage and add value to large multi-million-dollar lighting projects from those distributors who can’t manage them as well? (starts at 4:00)
  4. How does a distributor manage the Value Engineering process while being fair and transparent with all of the project’s stakeholders?  (starts at 6:00)
  5. With project design and construction teams often being local to the project itself, how will a NYC-based company like Chelsea get connected with the right people and the right partners in those other metro areas to service projects? (starts at 8:40)


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October 7, 2020