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Existing Buildings Earn LEED Points for COVID-19 Measures

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The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has recently enacted a program that provides existing buildings with special pilot LEED credits for precautionary measures that may hinder the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These special pilot credits are awarded based on project teams attempting to meet the requirements to the best of their ability and providing feedback on the requirements. The credits may change as feedback is received.


USGBC releases pilot credits to share guidance and to encourage discussion and feedback with its community. This topic in particular is subject to debate as there is much still unknown about how the virus that causes COVID-19 is transmitted and what steps should be taken for indoor air quality to limit disease transmission. The ventilation approach assumes that infected people will be in the building.

All information provided is precautionary and does not guarantee prevention of illness. Buildings vary widely, so best judgement must be used to ensure a recommendation is appropriate for the specific building, location, and season. Some of these measures that are necessary in the short term will result in increased energy use. It is important that building operators monitor changing recommendations and continue to promote energy efficiency measures where possible when it is safe to do so.



Re-Enter Your Workspace

To promote best practice requirements in operations and human behavior to take precautions against the spread of COVID 19.
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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Space

To provide effective cleaning and disinfecting relative to COVID-19, during re-occupancy and during operations while minimizing adverse health impacts on cleaning personnel, building occupants and visitors; and the environment.
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Managing Indoor Air Quality during COVID-19

To promote precautionary best practices for managing air quality in buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic to minimize spread of COVID-19 through the air.
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Building Water System Recommissioning

To reduce occupant exposure risks associated with degraded water quality in community and building water systems due to stagnant or low water use.
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Source:  The U.S. Green Building Council 



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June 16, 2020