March 20, 2024

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Focal Point Releases New Shapes and Curves to the Seem Family

Novel form factors and configured options complement linear luminaires


Chicago – What do “X”, “Y”, and “curve” all have in common one might ask? No, we are not referring to the components of a graph or some mathematical equation, rather to the new additions to the Seem family of linear luminaires from Focal Point. 

Indeed, the X and Y shapes describe the new Seem® 1 Quartet and Seem 1 Trio, while curves are the resulting shapes of Seem Sweep™ 2 luminaires – sweeping lines of light. These fresh additions to the Focal Point portfolio are launching to the market this spring and will be on display at LEDucation starting tomorrow, March 19, 2024.

“We are thrilled to be showcasing these new offerings at LEDucation,” states Star Davis, VP of Innovation and Product Development for Focal Point. “It was of the utmost importance that these luminaires be ready in time to launch to the market concurrently with this milestone annual event for the lighting design community,” adds Jimalee Beno, President. “We are marking the start of 2024 with alternatives to lines of light and a first expansion of The Naturals collection, released in late 2023. And this is just the beginning, the team has a lot more coming this year as Focal Point is more than ever committed to responding to the needs of our customers with innovative and practical solutions,” Beno promises. 


Seem Sweep 2 

Launching on March 19, Seem Sweep 2, as the name suggests, is a new family of curvilinear luminaires that shares the same 2.5-inch aperture and optical features as the Seem 2 family, thus offering a consistent room-side appearance. It comprises standard radii and angles that can be specified from the cut sheet to create curved patterns and soft, rounded shapes.

Seem Sweep 2 is offered with suspended and surface mounting options, with direct only or bidirectional illumination, including a wide batwing indirect optic. Lumen outputs up to 1000 lumens per foot direct and 1250 lumens per foot indirect make it ideal to enhance interior architecture in a variety of environments. Seem Sweep 2 is available for specification now and will be orderable with standard lead times starting in July. 

Seem 1 Trio and Seem 1 Quartet 

These new design instruments harmonize with the Seem 1 luminaires with the same narrow, 1.5-inch aperture and a range of shared, configured options: point sources, louvers, and lit end caps, in addition to lensed illumination.

Both Seem 1 Trio, with three arms forming a Y shape and Seem 1 Quartet, the 4-arm, X-shaped counterpart, can help unify mixed ceilings with recessed, surface, and suspended mounting options. They are both offered in two sizes: 4-foot and 6-foot diameters, with direct only or bidirectional illumination, up to three independently controlled light sources, and high lumen outputs. 

The louver and point source lensing options – specifiable from the cut sheet and offering various beam spreads and finishes – turn each luminaire or the entire ceiling into a unique composition that will accent any project. Plus, Seem 1 Trio & Quartet are available with all five finishes of The Naturals collection, adding a touch of natural beauty and harmonizing with other finishes present in the space.

These new Seem 1 Shapes will be available for order with standard lead times starting April 29. Mark your calendar to visit the Focal Point website then to learn more about Seem 1 Trio and Seem 1 Quartet.


LEDucation and NeoCon 2024 

In addition to these two new luminaire families, Focal Point will be previewing more 2024 releases in its new deco LEDucation booth. Come view the shadow box maquettes to envision upcoming luminaires in-situ, and experience new patterns and textures to be added to the company’s acoustic solutions. 

Many more innovations will be on display at NeoCon, where the company will be exhibiting for the first time at The Mart in Chicago, June 10-12, 2024. 

2024 promises to be a great year for Focal Point, and we invite you to learn more at


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