November 22, 2022   

5 Big Questions:  Making Submittals Easy 

We catch up with Forest Flager, CEO and Coufounder of Parspec, to learn how software can automate the lighting submittal workflow – saving time and increasing accuracy.


Topics we explore:

  1. What is the basic gist of Parspec and who are the target users?  (0:55)

  2. How does the user know if the dynamic cut sheet database is pulling the most recent manufacturer cut sheet?  (1:39)

  3. How does Parspec manage situations when the model number is inaccurate or incomplete – or the brand might be listed as "Cooper" when it should more accurately cite "Metalux"?  (2:56)

  4. How can lighting people ease the process of sharing submittals & project management?  (4:55)

  5. How can people learn more about Parspec or take it for a test drive?  (7:39)

  6. BONUS QUESTION:  Why did Forest take so much time off work in recent days?  (8:30)


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