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April 27, 2022   

5 Big Questions:  The NYC Lighting Market

We catch up with Gerry Trolio and Michael Carbonari of Enterprise Lighting Sales to learn about the New York Metro business climate, the JP Morgan Chase project and the 2022 New York Mets' chances.


Topics we explore:

  1. Is New York opening back up for customer visits, project meetings, product reviews, etc.?  (1:04)

  2. Will specifiers return to Manhattan on a regular basis?  (2:00) 

  3. How is the business climate right now? (3:12)

  4. How do lighting companies tackle a Park Avenue 70-story headquarters project for JP Morgan Chase?  (4:12)

  5. What exciting things are happening at the Metropolitan Pavillion on May 10 & 11?  (6:00)

  6. BONUS:  What are examples of products that look great on social media or on spec sheets, but must really be experienced in person to fully appreciate them? (9:22)

  7. BONUS:  Al shares a cringeworthy moment from ELS Expo 2004 that still haunts him today.  (11:39)


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