September 8, 2023   

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Q-Tran Launches PERI, the Smallest Integral Driver Perimeter Fixture


Q-Tran, a leading manufacturer of high-quality lighting solutions, has announced the launch of PERI, the smallest integral driver perimeter fixture on the market. At 2.5” wide x 2.0” tall, this recessed fixture is ideal for shallow plenum spaces and is compatible with multiple ceiling types.

"PERI is an innovative new addition to our product line," said Gean Tremaine, Co-CEO of Q-Tran. "We're excited to offer a perimeter fixture that delivers superior performance, customization, and easy installation in a compact design."

PERI Product Hero1200.jpgPERI offers a range of advanced lighting solutions that boast exceptional performance and versatility. With an impressive output of over 1000 lm/ft and a CRI of 90+, PERI delivers exceptional illumination. Multiple optics and shielding options, including glare control louvers and prismatic lenses, are available to ensure maximum functionality. The custom grazer optical lens is perfect for wall grazing applications, while the asymmetrical optical lens is ideal for providing uniform light distribution across the floor. PERI's modular assembly features a diffused or prismatic lens that can be extended over long lengths, resulting in a nearly seamless lens and uninterrupted illumination. 

The modular design allows for effortless installation, with the housing mounted on a pre-mounted wall bracket early in construction, and the light engine snapping in after rough-in. This feature ensures that contractors can rough in the primary housing without any concern about damaging the light source. Moreover, pre-fabricated corner joints provide installers with a simple and effective tool for transitioning from wall to wall. PERI's drivers are mountable on the top or side of the housing, giving flexibility for power feed locations.

PERI’s constant current LEDs are capable of delivering more lumens per watt than low-voltage strips. More importantly, constant current LEDs provide consistent lighting performance with little light loss over longer lengths. Tremaine notes, "PERI is designed with our customers' needs in mind. We understand that shallow plenum spaces and multiple ceiling types can present challenges for traditional perimeter fixtures. PERI's compact design and integral driver make it a versatile and powerful solution that can be customized to meet specific lighting needs."

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Q-Tran is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications. With a focus on innovation and quality, Q-Tran has established itself as a trusted partner for specifiers. Q-Tran proudly designs and manufactures lighting solutions in Milford, Connecticut.


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