Illuminate Lighting launches IllumiHealth for design community

 May 10, 2021   


Woburn, MA and South Windsor, CT May 10th  2021 - Illuminate Lighting launches IllumiHealth, a Healthcare & Life Science focused initiative with a comprehensive website that provides the design community with a single platform for all of their Healthcare lighting and control needs. The website was developed as an application/product-based search tool. IllumiHealth brings together the latest fixture & controls technology providing designers an easy-to-find lighting and controls solution for any aspect of their healthcare project.

IllumiHealth showcases healthcare lighting manufacturers that provide creative design solutions, with a focus on visual comfort and aesthetic form, while contributing to an overall positive patient experience. “Healthcare lighting and wellness are very much a priority for our agency. This dedicated platform for our design partners to help design today’s healthcare environments, shows our commitment to them” says Adam Rettig, Principal at Illuminate. “We will continue to update the platform with new application-based lighting products, and welcome input from the design community to perfect this tool to help streamline and simplify their product searches”.


MORE INFO:  IllumiHealth »

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