FX Lighting Announces New RVP and Partnerships to Illuminate Central Region

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Raleigh, NC (April 20, 2021) - Industrial LED lighting solutions provider FX Lighting announces Paul Tungseth as their Regional Vice President for their Central region. 

Paul’s market experience includes industrial, F&B, medical, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical areas. Based in Minnesota, Paul graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, and with an MBA from Aspen University. His connections and experience serving process, automation, and commercial industries uniquely equip him to support customers, lighting agencies, and distributors in the region.

FX Lighting (formerly FintronX LED) has appointed regional sales leaders as one facet of their plan to provide increased support for agencies and distributors. The company also offers a QuickShip program that ships select products within 24 hours, along with a 90-day Trial Program.

FX Lighting is currently partnered with two agencies to serve the Central region:

Mlazgar Associates - Wisconsin, Minnesota

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Integrated Sales Inc. - Iowa, Nebraska

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Young & Champagne Electrical (YCE) Sales – Michigan (select counties)

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Hawkins Sales – Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania (select counties)

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Professional Lighting Services – Indiana (select counties)

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Convergence - Kansas, Missouri

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Learn more about how Paul Tungseth and FX Lighting can best meet your lighting needs at FXLSolutions.com.


About FX Lighting

FX Lighting provides durable LED lighting solutions for food and beverage processing, manufacturing and distribution, and livestock farming facilities. For nearly two decades, we have supplied NSF, IP rated, and extreme temperature LED lighting to many of the best-known companies in the world.

Let FX Lighting be your expert partner on your new construction and retrofit projects. Contact us at info@fxlsolutions.com or (800) 533-2789.


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April 20, 2021

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