Tonight's Lighting Program is a Must-Watch

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It’s rare that an IES Section program (or any other lighting program/webinar) is truly newsworthy.  We believe this one is.

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If you love music, it might be easy for you to get caught up in the nostalgia of learning about how your favorite genre and artists evolved over the years. 

If you love business, you might enjoy learning about the evolution of Ford, J.P. Morgan, Disney and Apple.

And, if you love lighting, tonight you have an opportunity to experience what promises to be a nostalgic and fascinating look at how the industry evolved in its most uniquely strong marketplace – New York City – and some of the ideas that are shaping lighting-related professions today and into the future.

The IES New York Section presents “Meet The Influencers” – part of their T.A.L.K. initiative – which in longform means Tell Archive Listen Keep. The program tells the story of notable designers including Francesca Bettridge, Howard Brandston and Joanne Lindsley among others. 

The program also involves one of our favorites – the late Jim Kaloudis, an influential lighting designer who worked for Myers Strong & Jones and eventually finished his career with Neo-Ray Lighting. Dan Blitzer interviews various luminaries in what promises to be a nostalgic, informative and enjoyable look at how our industry evolved and was shaped by these New York thought leaders.

Register for the program with the link below. Fire up the popcorn maker, adjust the lights to a pleasing warm color temperature and join us tonight.

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April 14, 2021

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