Signify Accused of Patent Infringement

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On Monday, November 16, LedComm filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Signify.


LedComm, LLC is a Dallas, TX based company that owns several patents relating to LED technology.  Some of the patents currently owned by LedComm were previously assigned to Japanese electronics company Sharp.

LedComm is considered a Non-Practicing Entity (NPE) as they do not manufacture LED products, but seek to license their technology and protect their intellectual property.  Earlier this year, the company filed patent infringement lawsuits against Sengled and Lowe's Home Centers among others.

The Plaintiff asserts seven different patents that are allegedly violated by various Signify products.  The claims relate to the methods utilized with LED chips and packages in multiple products including: 

  • Halo RA4 SeleCCTable Gimbal Downlight
  • Philips 16W LED Tube Light
  • Philips 100W LED Bulb
  • Philips Dimmable Candle Bulb
  • Philips Recessed Retrofit Trim LED Light


Statement from Signify:

We can confirm that Signify (Signify B.V., Signify Holding B.V and Signify North America Corp.) has been sued in Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas by LedComm, LLC alleging patent infringement.

Signify has been a clear innovation leader in/for LED lighting, shaping the lighting industry time after time. It respects other companies’ or individuals’ valid intellectual property in the same way it expects others to respect Signify’s intellectual property.

We’re currently assessing the claims and have no further comment.

Read the Entire Complaint »


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November 18, 2020

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