Light Engine Design Corp. Acquires Curtis Mathes, Inc.

Texas-based maker of LED smart controls and fixtures is bought by LED module manufacturer. Terms were not disclosed.

PHOENIX, AZ -- Light Engine Design Corp. (OTC: TLED), is pleased to announce the acquisition of the iconic Curtis Mathes, Inc. company as a wholly-owned subsidiary, effective May 20, 2019. The addition of Curtis Mathes to Light Engine Design Corp. represents a significant expansion of innovative new products and services.

“The acquisition of Curtis Mathes contributes a strong presence in the consumer and commercial lighting markets for Light Engine Design,” said TLED’s CEO, Robert Manes, “I’m excited to work with Curtis Mathes on the design and manufacture of products for residential and industrial use, especially Wi-Fi connected (smart) lighting.” Eric Hill, Curtis Mathes’ CEO responded “we are excited to join TLED, effectively merging our technologies to expand on the already world-recognized Curtis Mathes brand name and reputation for superior products. Moving into the public space opens a myriad of new funding and manufacturing possibilities for both companies.” Curtis Mathes’ current offerings include light bulbs of almost every utility and architectural type, sub-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, industrial troffers, wall packs, street lights, and high bay lighting for factories and warehouses. Plans to expand into the specialty lighting markets for the oil and gas industries are being executed.

About the Company: TLED is focused on becoming an industry pioneer in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of state-of-the-art Solid-State Lighting (SSL). The Company will provide high-quality consumer lighting products, as well as specialize in the design of advanced light engines and fixtures employing unique light emitting diode (LED) technologies for the use in homes, municipalities, commercial buildings and operations, and biological lighting industries, including algae, horticulture, and human phototherapy markets.

May 30, 2019