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A 405 Day Special Report:
A series of recent moves among major lighting brands creates a new landscape in the Oklahoma lighting market.

Hubbell Lighting, the long-time business partner of Triple C Lighting & Controls in Oklahoma has changed representative partners. Effective April 2, 2021 Hubbell Lighting is now represented by Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions. This is a big move that follows other related moves in recent months including (1) Texas-based Hossley Lighting merging with Lighting & Power Solutions in July and (2) three important Legrand brands, Wattstopper, Kenall and Pinnacle Architectural Lighting each making individual moves to the Hossley LPS line card.

The big moves in the 405 didn’t stop there. Acuity Brands has parted ways with long-time partner Smith Lighting Sales and will be represented by Triple C Lighting & Controls. Our sources tell us that Jim Catlege, Principal owner of Triple C, has sold his ownership stake to others, but is still expected to be involved in the agency business.


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Additional Agent & Manufacturer Dynamics:
Smith Lighting Sales still has a solid line card of leading lighting brands. It is likely that the agency will pursue talks with other large lighting brands like Cooper Lighting Solutions, who is currently represented by Premier Lighting Sales. 

Our sources in the local market do not predict an obvious, new, “no-brainer” major-brand partnership for Smith Lighting Sales, but the consensus is that they will be able to bolster their line card to fill some or most of the Acuity Brands void. 

Hossley Lighting & Power Solutions now represents Hubbell Lighting in most of Texas (sans Houston and El Paso), Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Central Mississippi.  The most notable "non-Hubbell" part of the Hossley LPS geographic footprint is the Tennessee market. 

Until these recent moves, the Hossley Lighting & Power Solutions Oklahoma line card was mainly comprised of electrical power and discretionary lighting stock and flow lighting lines. The agency is not the only electrical and lighting double-threat in Oklahoma as Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls is a significant player in the market representing brands like Cree Lighting, Lutron and GE Current, a Daintree Company in addition to some electrical and power manufacturers.


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April 5, 2021

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