Eaton Execs Comment on Spin-off and Cash Flow

The Washington Post and Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) magazine recently published articles that cited updates on the Eaton Lighting business spin-off that was announced earlier this year.

Some of the takeaways are:

  • Eaton Lighting plans to unveil more than 100 new products this year after introducing 85 new products last year.
  • Eaton’s CEO, Craig Arnold, said he’s heard from parties interested in acquiring the company’s lighting business.
  • Executives who either got asked about or felt compelled to point out that their business could be resilient in a recession. That suggests that while a downturn hasn’t yet arrived, in some CEOs’ minds it’s already in the mail.
  • Eaton's Arnold said cash flow should be stable even in a slump, which gives the company share buyback ammunition that could keep earnings per share flat in a standard recession.


EC&M: Eaton Execs Offer Insight into Plans for Spin-Off of Lighting Business

Washington Post: Recession Watch Starts at the 18th Hole for These CEOs

May 31, 2019