Dark Skies Enthusiast Becomes Instant Legend

2020 05 03 dark skies enthusiast adbul Dremali 2.jpg

A New England man has attained instant legend status by announcing his dark-skies-inspired relocation with a full-page ad in the Boston Herald.

Abdul Dremali is a dark skies photographer whose passion for the topic is inspiring him to move away from Boston. In a full-page ad that Dremali placed in the Boston Herald, he cites severe light pollution across the region as the reason for his leaving.

In the ad, Dremali explains that his decision to place an expensive ad was inspired by famous athletes who take a similar tact when leaving a professional sports team, while admitting that Herald readers probably have "no clue" who he is.

Dremali ended the ad with “love u go Pats” and we couldn’t agree more.

Ad below.  Click to Enlarge.

Dark Skies lovers (and other responsible lighting enthusiasts) can explore and support Abdul’s photography on the various platforms below:


Abdul Dremali Dark Skies Photography Website »


Instagram »


Twitter »




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May 3, 2021

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