5 Big Questions:  Specifier Resources

We catch up with Lars Christiansen, Co-Founder & CEO of LightAZ, to learn more about how advanced web-based tools can help lighting specifiers select fixtures and manage projects more efficiently.


Topics we explore:

  1. What exactly is LightAZ and how does it help specifiers and manufacturers?  (0:50)

  2. What makes LightAZ different from other lighting directories or search engines we may have experienced in the past?  (3:15)

  3. With millions of fixture SKUs, should LightAZ users feel confident that the information is up to date?  (4:45)

  4. What will it take to drive more and more adoption among specifiers?  (6:21)

  5. What ideas will LightAZ explore for future growth and enhancements?  (7:45)


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March 24, 2021

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