Experts Sound the Alarm on Consumer UV Products 

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When properly utilized, professional grade UV-C light disinfection products are playing an important role in public health and building safety during these pandemic times.  

But what happens when anyone with WiFi and a credit card can order a 5-star reviewed UV-C consumer product for their home?  What happens when the warning for cataract-inducing 254nm UV-C light tower is stated as a “tip” that references “stimulating effects” and not as an explicit warning relating to potential permanent eye and skin damage?

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Above:  The only "warning" of a UV-C product sold on a major online retail website.  

A recent news report from KSHB in Kansas City highlights legitimate UV-C disinfection products by PURO Lighting with commentary from well-respected design firm, Henderson Engineers.  The report contrasts those products with consumer UV-C products sold by third-party retailers on and

In recent months government agencies and other organizations including the Food & Drug Administration, American Lighting Association, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and Underwriters Laboratories have issued safety guidelines and warnings about UV-C lighting.  UV-C disinfection products are good for public health.  They are good for buildings.  But they are only good when properly manufactured, selected, applied and utilized.

Are unregulated products sold on popular websites the future Mesothelioma and RoundUp Weed Killer ads?  Will legal firms someday air commercials on late night TV soliciting clients who have skin damage or eye damage from consumer UV products sold online?  We hope not, and we hope that our audience of responsible lighting people will continue to promote responsible use of UV-C products.

Watch the report below:



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September 29, 2020