Another Preventable Example of UV-C Misuse

2020 10 cnn reporter.jpgOkay, this happened in the Phillipines, but as we continue our advocacy for safe UV-C usage this is yet another lesson about practicing proper application and training with UV-C products.


CNN Phillipines reports that 5 to 10 people, including members of the media, required medical treatment due to exposure to harmful UV-C light.  While demonstrating its UV light disinfection robot at a Convention Center in Baguio City, Philipines, the company Robotic Activations reportedly didn't take proper safety precautions.  

Injured CNN correspondent, David Santos, reports that he was told the company replaced the harmful UV lamps and was "using an ordinary light", a "blue lamp just to demonstrate the robotic machine."  The images and videos in the links below reveal noticable damage to Santos' face, and the possibility looms for permanent eye damage.



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October 6, 2020