The 2017 Jobs Report

Sponsored by LD+A and The Pompeo Group

If you're employed in a lighting-related profession you are well aware of the dynamic changes happening in the industry. Products are becoming more technical. Manufacturers are transitioning from product-producers to technology companies. Design firms require specifiers who can balance light, science and aesthetics while vetting technology and ensuring project-wide compatibility.

LD+A and The Pompeo Group sponsored the 2017 Jobs Report - a must read for lighting professionals. is fortunate to have been granted reprint permission. Please see the summary and detailed statistics below.

Key findings:

  • The industry appears poised for growth in hiring. More than 60 percent say it’s "somewhat or extremely likely" they will add engineering/product development and lighting design staff in 2017. Slightly more than half (52 percent) say they will add sales staff.
  • Despite the demand for candidates, nearly half (49 percent) expect no change in difficulty when recruiting.
  • Most jobs to be filled (60 percent) will be entry- or junior-level positions, as opposed to mid-career or senior level.
  • When attracting or retaining talent, the survey found that money still talks. "Performance incentives" ranked number one, albeit just barely.
  • "Smart lighting" and "IoT" are increasingly popular industry buzzwords, and while respondents say their companies understand what customers could potentially need, a plurality (46 percent) have not factored experience in smart lighting/IoT into their hiring decisions.

See the full 8-page report below:


January 18, 2017