Project Manager

Light Build Design

Culver City, CA

Position overview:

The primary role of the Project Manager is to serve as an ambassador of Light Build Design upon receipt of a Purchase Order, throughout the entire ordering process. The highest values of this position are self-motivation and attention to detail; to ensure that requests are being treated with accuracy, efficiency, consistency, and diligence.

Areas of Responsibility:
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers, manufacturers, and specification sales representatives.
  • Nurture a positive reputation with all entities doing business with Light Build Design.
  • Accurately assess customer needs based on emailed requests and phone calls.
  • Maintain highest acumen of products represented by Light Build Design and our competitors.
  • Communicating with electrical distributors, contractors, and manufacturers in regards to:
  • Securing business
  • Ensuring submittal documents are accurate and clear prior to customer delivery.
  • Pricing and Shipping
  • Installation trouble-shooting
  • Serving as a “safety net” for the Quotations Specialists by confirming that all necessary components for a complete installation have been quoted.
  • Accurately recording Sales Accounts based on the appropriate Specifier and Specification Sales Representative.
Skills & Abilities:

Must maintain positive and friendly composure when dealing with customers both in person and over the phone.

Must keep an organized account of each customer interaction for the purposes of follow up and effective delegation.

Must communicate with management and team members in a clear and concise way to minimize the amount of email and back-and-forth conversation required to determine appropriate action.

Must be proficient in the use of Oasis Sales Software

Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows and Office suite in areas such as:

  • File management
  • Email communication
  • Document creation
  • Interested candidates should contact Morgan Pixley at

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