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Director of Sales

Sterling Lighting
Director of Sales:  Danville, VA


To implement systems and processes that develop prospects, track leads, grow the customer base and increase sales to existing customers. To mentor, motivate and develop our inside and outside sales representatives by coaching them to hit performance standards and stretch goals.


  1. Grow annual Sales by 35% per year for the next 4 years.
  2. Implement a Review and Coaching Program for all Sales Reps within 3 months of hire.
  3. Review existing systems and change if necessary, then implement best practices to track Prospects, Leads and Customer follow up.
  4. Identify and develop A players in the sales organization and
  5. Develop a standardized method for Prospecting and implement
  6. Create and manage inside and outside sales performance metrics and measure team performance daily weekly and monthly
  7. Create an inside sales team within 6 months of starting.


  1. Efficient, able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.
  2. Experience creating and implementing a sales teams accountability through monitoring daily performance and coaching
  3. Understands best hiring practices using A Method of Hiring
  4. Has overseen rapid growth in a department or company between 10 and 30 million
  5. Understands people and their individual motivations to bring out the highest level of performance in them
  6. Is a go getter, enjoys travel, meeting with team members and coaching one on one..
  7. Detail oriented, monitors performances and compiles results of team members
  8. Not afraid of a BHAG, willing to tackle big challenges
  9. Is not afraid of uncomfortable conversations holding people accountable
  10. History of developing subordinates in their positions to grow in the company
  11. Knows Inside and Outside Sales through experience of managing these teams.
  12. Design and implement Compensation plans for sales reps


  1. Do performance reviews for employees.
  2. Meet with Sales Reps and Clients in the field to assess performance
  3. Maintain KPI for Sales organizations
  4. Approve time and attendance
  5. Set and monitor sales, prospecting and lead goals with inside and outside sales team members
  6. Implement systems to support accountability
  7. Hire, fire and train to our values
  8. Ensure system data entry is completed for monitoring Sales funnels
  9. Run Weekly Sales meetings
  10. Manage travel, budget and spending for outside sales team


Qualified candidates should email a resume to damien@sllights.com 



We have I can attitudes

In small business we have to do many things. There are things you don’t want to do but need to be done, things you don’t know how to do but need doing and things you're not able to do but need to figure out how to get them done.  -“A Message to Garcia”

We take the initiative

If you see what needs to be done and you are able to do it, don’t wait to be told to do it. Anticipate the needs of your job and organization and take action.

We are teachable

To be teachable you must be humble and cultivate in yourself a heart ready to receive instruction. Trust and believe that teammates are taking the time to share instruction for your benefit and growth.

We believe in Trust

(Consistency, Competency, Sincerity)

If you’re inconsistent you lose trust, if your incompetent you lose trust, if your insincere you lose trust. It only takes the loss of one to become untrustworthy, 2 out of 3 isn’t good enough.


It is what I expect and it goes both ways

Ownership of Accountability

*****Don’t make your problem my problem*****

Handing a problem to a team member is not a solution, telling someone a problem exists is not enough. Asking for assistance to solve a problem is expected, but each of us needs to own the problem and see the solution though.


Qualified candidates should email a resume to damien@sllights.com 

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